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Cabin Fever

As I sit here and watch it blizzard out it has me thinking about summer and fall. Cabin fever has set in a big way. Although the perch bite in South Dakota has still been great, the game fish season here in MN has closed for another season. With our lack of ice until late December in much of MN it was a short ice season but a very good one. The bite on Lake Mille Lacs showed signs of being on a major up turn. The walleye seem to be recovering nicely and there are lots of small walleyes(11-14") to be caught.

The bite in South Dakota has been good if you are willing to work for the perch, walleye, and crappies. This next week I will be headed to Winnipeg for my annual giant gravel lizard trip, and if ice allows I may try to run back for another outing prior to ice out.

In the mean time, here is a quick elk teaser for all of you that are looking to skip right to September. Soon enough we will be chasing gobblers, smallmouth, and other summer fun.


Ice Has Run Me Over

With many recent requests for ice house rentals I am NO longer taking any more rentals or guide trips for the 2016 ice season.  I apprecaite everyones interest and look forward to taking care of those that got in with me prior to my schedule filling up.  

If you would like to tentaivley plan/book an ice fishing excursion for 2016-2017 winter, I am taking those reservations now.  

Thanks to everyone for a great winter thus far!   Now #grabyourrodandfish, Fish On!  


Ice Report

(this is a picture from Red Lake the day after Thanksgiving 3-4" of ice)

Here is what I have for the latest ice report for places we have recently fished.  Areas that had any bite of snow(small drifts) always seemed to be as much as 1/3 less then areas without snow.  

Ice thickness as of 1/05/16:

Lake Waconia Ice Report 4-7"

Lake Minnetonka Ice Report 1-7" (Some areas were still open a few days ago)

Red Lake Ice Report 11-14"

Leech Lake Ice Report 6-14"

Lake of the Woods Ice Report 10-14" (Canadian side varies more)

Eastern South Dakota has varied alot, I recommend you call out there and speak to a local bait shop for latest info prior to heading out.  


Ice Ice Baby

It is that time of year again, time to hit the hard water and crush some fish through the ice.  With the cold weather finally arriving we have hit the ice hard in the past 3-4 weeks.  Although we are a month behind last year we are making up for lost time with the great bite we have been on.  

We hit the ice the day after thanksgiving on Red Lake and managed to walk out on 4" of ice and catch a few nice walleyes for a fish fry.  By no means did we "crush" them on this opening trip.  It was a good way to work out a few kinks in gear and get on the ice.  

After Red Lake Tony and I managed to find good ice in South Dakota and the fish were cooperating.  The lake we started on was not producing like we had hoped, so we made a wiggle onto a new lake.  New lake meant new challenges, but when we finally landed on the fish it was an absolute crush.  We caught most of our perch on a Clam bomb spoons and other Clam jigs tipped with Maki plastics.  When they didn't want plastics we found the "dead stick" with a crappie minnow 10" off the bottom to manage some bites.  After leaving South Dakota we came home for Christmas and some family time during the holidays.  It was not long and we were back on the road chasing gravel lizards around MN.  

But that report will have to wait for tomorrow..  Until next time, Fish On!  Get out and strech your string.  #grabyourrodandfish #waypointsforgasmoney


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