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When they are going, why stop?

Got to take Alan and his son AJ out on a recent fishing trip while they were in town for a business meeting.  As you can see the trip was a success and we managed to cream the largemouth.  When the fish are going, why stop??  This was a great father son trip with lots of first for these boys.  

I have been guiding for 20 years and this trip ranked near the top for shear # of fish.  In less then 5 hours these two managed to boat 70+ largemouth and lose another 10 or more.  It was a trip I will never forget and will rank towards the top for the rest of my life.  

The fish seemed to be starting to get recovered from spawning and started putting the feed bag on.  This time of year is one of the best times to be on the water.  We managed some fish flipping and some on pastic worms.  

Thanks guys for a great day on the water.  Hopefully I will get to see you this winter for another great outing.  Until next time, fish on and #grabyourrodandfish 


Let the good times roll

With all this talk of smallmouth and Lake Mille Lacs I don't want to let the largemouth get left out.  That bite has been really good as of late.  I have gotten onto the big largies on a few different lakes and it has been a blast putting the hurting on them as well.  

Had to get Jen in on the hot bite.  She was able to boat a bunch of nice fish this day on a jig worm tipped with a 5" big bite trick stick

As you can see she has no problem when I tell her to #grabyourrodandfish.  Until next time, fish on and get out and stretch the string!  


Making Memories

It's that time of year once again, Smallmouth season!  It has been a jammed packed few weeks of smallmouth jacking and making memories for everyone along the way.  

I recently got to take Jack and his dad Brian out on Lake Mille Lacs to make memories and get them their personal best smallmouth.  They had a great day with incredible fishing and weather.  I think Jack was hooked on big smallies. 

The best bite has still be shallow, with many coming on top water, drop shots, tubes, and other various baits.  We have seen fish pushing the 21" mark on every outing with the #'s of fish over 18" being really good as well.  With the right conditions we have boated 50 plus fish a day.  Until next time, #grabyourrodandfish 


Just can't get enough

What can one say....? Right now I just can't get enough of big smallmouth. Lake Mille Lacs is on fire as usual this time of year when the fish are all shallow looking to spawn or just finishing spawning. Lots of fish in the 4lb range, some over 5 and loads of 3+lb fish. We are witnessing one of the best fisheries in the world right now for smallmouth. If you have ever wanted to get in on a killer bite and fight now is the time.
I have no idea how long the lake will be this good since the state is doing everything it can to ruin the lake with poor management.
Another positive thing was the amount of walleyes we are seeing. Lake Mille Lacs has plenty of gravel lizards in it and plenty of big fish.

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