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10 Last Minute Christmas Ideas For The Sportsman In Your Life

Here we are 10 days away from Christmas, so I figured it would be a good time to call out 10 of my favorite gift ideas for the sportsman in your life!  Some of these items will cost you more then others, but the list consits of all price ranges and aim to please your man.  They are in no particular order.  

1. Rapala Lithium Ion Fillet Knife-Fishing and a must have for any fisherman who likes a meal of fish now and again.  

2. Jason Mitchell Elite Ice Fishing Combo-These are great combo's and available in different actions depending on your man. If he fishes panfish get him a 24" Meatstick and if he is a walleye or perch guy the 26" or 28" make great options.  

3. Sitka Fanatic Jacket- Anything Sitka will be the best hunting gear your man will have ever owned.  This stuff fits right and is warm for the deer hunter in your family.  Also check out their waterfowl and Open Country patterns.  

4. Shimano Curado-The best all around baitcaster made and a great value at under $200 bucks.  He will love this reel if he enjoys casting for fish at all.  

5. Grizzly Cooler-If keeping your game or beverages is important then a Grizzly is a must have.  They make great bait tanks in the winter and great for keep beverages and food cold for days in the summer.  Another must have for the avid outdoorsman.  I find myself using the 20qt and 40qt all the time.  

6. Clam Tackle- If you are looking for small items or stocking stuffer's these are your "go-to"!  Clam has an entire line of tackle options to help your man catch more fish this winter.  

7. Mathews No-Cam HTR Bow-The most accurate, smoothest bow ever invented.  This thing will make your man drop to his knees and praise the ground you walk on(if he doesn't already..).  If you want to make your man feel love beyond words, I would look into getting him one of these if he is a bow hunter or looking to get into shooting.  

8. HHA Lite King Pin-Maybe your man is in need of a new bow sight.  HHA has recently released a new single pin sight that will have him wondering who you were getting your info from.  This one is another home run for the avid bow hunter in your family.  A great upgrade to any bow.  

9. Clam Ice Auger Conversion Kit-If your man has a nice Lithium drill or maybe you bought him one already for Christmas this will make for a great way to get him on the ice.  This conversion kit really makes for a easy solution to drill ice holes.  Great alternative to a gas auger.   

10. Guided Fishing Trip-If you are completly stumped this holiday season but want to send him on a fishing trip he will remember, or you have always wanted to hire him a guide now is your chance.  You can contact me for gift certificates for 5hr fishing excursions for 2 people with all the gear provided.  

Hopefully these ideas help you ladies or men still looking for "the gift".  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.  Fish On and Happy Holidays!  






Magical Time Of Year

Every year at the same time whitetail deer enter a bow hunters paradise, we know it as the "rut"! It typically falls some time between late Oct and mid November here in the upper midwest. We have found that Halloween usually marks the start of this magical time of year when deer throw caution to the wind. They are the toughest, smartest, most sought after of all big game. They also are the most challenging and during the rut we are able to get ever so close to mature bucks as they search for hot does. They have only one thing on their mind and that is breeding does.

The above video is a short clip from this years rut at our WI property where Pete was able to make a great shot on a 3.5 year old 8 pointer that we were looking to cull out of the herd. Often you will hear of these as management deer. This is perfect case in point in taking a deer out that genetically did not have the make up we are looking for and we don't want him to spread his genes to any of the does. It was a very busy fall as we traveled many states and even Canada in pursuit of game-Harvest Chronicles.

I learned a lot about hunting and also myself this fall. I learned that it isn't always about the harvest but the adventures and the places that they take you. I learned that if you want to have fantastic experiences, you have to put yourself in fantastic places. With ice fishing already underway, I can already tell it is going to be a fantastic few weeks. I have a few ice trips already under my belt and more planned. I won't go as far as to say the most recent outing was epic, but I will tell you that it was pretty awesome. Stay tuned for more very soon. Until next time, Fish On!

The Wait Is Over-Mathews No Cam Is Here

This is a must watch video of the new Mathews No Cam that was unveiled today! I have been shooting this bow all afternoon and I can't even put into words how nice of a shooting bow it is. Get over to your local Mathews dealer and give one a chance, I think you will be impressed.

Who We Are

Who We Are from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

This really sums up "who we are" and why we embark on these adventures all fall. As Donnie Vincent mentions, "this is year round" and "consuming". We prepare for 8 months for that one day, that one moment we get to take our game that we will eat off of for the entire year. This is very informative, motivating, inspirational, and moving. For those that don't get it, I leave you with this, your ancestors were hunters and therefore that is why you exist. Outdoorsman are the greatest conservationists we have, and we need to continue to introduce our children and youth so they too understand who they are and God's amazing creation.

Here in the upper midwest we are seeing a lot of pre rut activity. I spent the weekend in a tree in Central WI and not only saw a ton of deer, but saw a lot of bucks already chasing and running small groups of does. With the forecasted lows getting into the 20's and 30's the RUT should be in full swing this next week. We are about a week away from a full moon. So for those that have a bow at home, it's time to get in a tree. We will be adding new photo's and video's from not only this past weekend but this upcoming week shortly. Stay tuned for more fall action with the Mathews Creedxs in hand.