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The Wait Is Over-Mathews No Cam Is Here

This is a must watch video of the new Mathews No Cam that was unveiled today! I have been shooting this bow all afternoon and I can't even put into words how nice of a shooting bow it is. Get over to your local Mathews dealer and give one a chance, I think you will be impressed.

Who We Are

Who We Are from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

This really sums up "who we are" and why we embark on these adventures all fall. As Donnie Vincent mentions, "this is year round" and "consuming". We prepare for 8 months for that one day, that one moment we get to take our game that we will eat off of for the entire year. This is very informative, motivating, inspirational, and moving. For those that don't get it, I leave you with this, your ancestors were hunters and therefore that is why you exist. Outdoorsman are the greatest conservationists we have, and we need to continue to introduce our children and youth so they too understand who they are and God's amazing creation.

Here in the upper midwest we are seeing a lot of pre rut activity. I spent the weekend in a tree in Central WI and not only saw a ton of deer, but saw a lot of bucks already chasing and running small groups of does. With the forecasted lows getting into the 20's and 30's the RUT should be in full swing this next week. We are about a week away from a full moon. So for those that have a bow at home, it's time to get in a tree. We will be adding new photo's and video's from not only this past weekend but this upcoming week shortly. Stay tuned for more fall action with the Mathews Creedxs in hand.

Don't Put Them Away Yet

With the return of summer this past weekend here in MN I opted to put down the Mathews and pick up a G.Loomis rod. Temps pushed mid 80's and the bite was pretty good considering the large high pressure system.

It reminded me that even though it is hunting season and fall we can't put the fishing rods away yet. The Indian summer made for a great chance to stretch the string and although we may not have 80 degree days the rest of this year, I guarantee we will still have a few nice days and even if it's not nice, it is the best time of year to catch fish and BIG fish at that!

Throwing a jig shallow produced these nice largemouth and a couple nice pike. Until next time, Fish On! You may be seeing more "tree updates" in the near future. ;)


The Journey Continues 

Another look into the journey we sportsman call "fall"! This is the 2nd episode of Harvest Chronicles with Pat, Ben, and I. Can't say enough about how fun it is to document our passion, share it with you, and also share in this magical time of year. We truly are blessed to get to embark on this journey every fall and this year has not disappointed in any way. We have managed the does a bit and filled the freezer for winter.