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The old saying seems to always be true, "time flies when you're having fun"!  This fall seemed to come in like a storm, and it has opted to stay.  I am not complaining because it has been a fall I will not soon forget.  

Started with some amazing Smallmouth fishing on Lake Vermillion and Lake Mille Lacs.  Even put Jen on a pretty good tube jig bite.  ;)  From fishing giant brown bass to fishing the 3M event on Man Trap lake the first couple weeks of Sep disappeared like it never happened.  

Next I was onto New Mexico with good friend Ben Brettingen for some elk hunting with the Mathews in hand.  Ben had drawn a once in a life time bull tag for a great are of New Mexico.  I was along to film and capture it.  On the first day of Ben's 10 day hunt he was able to harvest a great bull with his bow.  The shot was about 35 yards and Ben was spot on with the shot.   

With 8 days left to hunt Ben and I started calling around to see if we could find another tag in the area so I could possibly get a elk as well.  After only about 4 hours of searching we had landed a tag and were off for another hunt about 60 miles up the road.  

After meeting the rancher and getting shown around we geared up the next morning and hit the woods.  With bulls buggeling all around us but not in range we opted to make a 2 mile move deeper into the area we thought the bulls were.  Later that evening I had a great bull in range at 33 yards and couldn't pass.  With that we had two bulls down in the matter of 4 days in New Mexico.  

Upon arriving home it was time to gear up for the whitetail woods.  It has been an amazing fall and I can't wait to see what it has to offer yet. 

Yes, time flies when you're having fun.  Until next time, stretch the string and Fish On!  


Bass Gone Wild

One of the better outings I had this summer invovled a pro hockey player, a g.loomis flipping stick, and a school of giant largemouth.  Justin Faulk, a MN kid who has transplanted to Raleigh North Carolina to play in the NHL put a whopping on the big bass on this day.  Above is a sample of 2 fish that noth tipped the scales in the 5lb plus range.  Those 2 were part of a 40 fish day with lots over the 3lb mark.  

Here are two more fish from that day, as you can see they all were chunks and the #'s were great.  Any time I can put a flipping stick in my hand and "do work" it usually turns out to be a fun day.  These bass seemed to have gone wild.  

Justin and I finished the day with lots of laughs, smiles, and memories that won't soon be forgotten.  It was one for the record books.  Until next time, Fish on!  



Sitka SWAT

I am excited to announce a partnership that I have long worked for.  I have teamed up with Sitka for this upcoming fall for all our new web shows.  In my eyes, Sitka is the finest made equipment for chasing big game, whitetail, and waterfowl.  I can say this with all the confidence in the world.  

I am a guide in the outdoor segment and someone that demands product to do what I need it to do, I turn to Sitka gear.  Prior to being a part of the SWAT (Sitka Whitetail Ambassador Team), I was a customer and believer in what they do.  They build technically designed outerwear for the guy looking to get the most out of his gear and his hunt.  It allows me to stay longer, stay warmer, and stay dry.  All things I need to chase the game I am after.  Hands down there is nothing better, and you don't have to be a professional hunter to apprecaite the aspects of Sitka gear.  They have thought of every detail.  Take a look at their offerings and you won't be disappointed.  


Making It Happen

As many of you are aware I have spent the past 3 months "making it happen" on and off the water.  This time of year is full of fishing, events, seminars, appearances, and just down right "rise and grind".  

Whenever you see my blog has gone this long without an update you can guarantee that I have been burning the candle at both ends.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  These pics are a sample of some of the great smallmouth fishing we had this summer on Lake Mille Lacs.  It was fun for all ages.  

Although I have watched summer fly by once again, not even stopping to smell the roses, I still know by the amount of smiles and fish pics it was a successful summer.  

It consisted of fishing trips with many past friends, many new friends, all species, great adventures, lots of hook sets, and most importantly tons of smiles.  With the adventures came some remarkable catches.  I made sure to end every day with a laugh and smile; reminding myself never to take life to serious.  Over the past few months I have lost a few close friends to Cancer, although it has been tough to watch and go through it has kept me grounded and focused.  Watching them struggle was nothing we as humans can prepare for.  It left me wondering all so often why the good ones die young.  The vicious circle of life is coming for us all, and if we don't get up every day thankful to the lord for our blessings then why are we here.  

I will leave you with one thing, don't wait to do something in life, get up tomorrow and make it happen!  

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