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Top 13 Christmas Items For The Men/Women In Your Life

I have been asked by a few ladies in my life to layout my top twelve outdoors man gifts for 2016.  Below you will find a list of ideas ranging in price as well as touching on a little something for everyone, whether your man is a fisherman, hunter, or just outdoors man.  Many of these gifts are great for the Woman in your life as well guys.  

In no particular order:

1) Icebreaker Merino Wool   

Doesn't matter the activity, this stuff is the real deal when it comes to staying warm and comfortable.  It is naturally anti-microbial, it dries fast, it keeps you warm, and it feels great against your skin.  The old days of wool feeling itchy are a thing of the past with this stuff.  From their underwear to their shirts I have put it all to the test and I approve.

2) Mathews Halon 32  

If your man or woman is into archery, looking to get into, or is due for a new bow this new rig should top your list.  Mathews released this beast in mid Nov so availability might be a bit tough for Christmas.  Stop in your local Mathews dealer and get one on order.  He/She won't be disappointed.  

3) K-Drill Ice Auger 

This is another item I have had the chance to use and can't say enough good things about.  Even if you own a gas auger this is a great addition.  It attaches to a gas power head or you can use it on a 18v electric drill.  I have used it on the Milwaukee they recommend and absolutely fell in love with it.  A must for any ice fisherman on your list.    

4) Clam Ice Armor 

Clam has just released a new version of their ever popular Ice Armor and believe it or not they actually made it even better.  Whether shoveling the drive way, ice fishing, four wheeling, spring/fall boat fishing, or just out playing in the cold, Ice Armor has something for everyone.  The Extreme and Edge suits are two of my favorite picks for wearing on the ice.  Available for the woman in your life!  

5) Sitka Gear

This company is so great I went with the entire brand.  If you have a hunter on your list look no further then Sitka for some amazing gear for all things related hunting.  They have the whitetail guy covered, the duck hunter, and the western hunter on your list.  Some of their solids are great for when not in the field.  

6) Shimano Nasci Spinning Reel 

Shimano did not disappoint with this new arrival.  This is a great spinning reel for the money and any angler will be happy to receive this item for Christmas.  If your man is an ice guy maybe a 1000 is the right size, but if he/she spends their time on open water a 2500 is probably the go to size.  

7) Costa Del Mar Sunglasses 

You don't have to be a sportsman to love a pair of great shades.  Lots of styles available for men and women and in many sizes and colors. These are all polarized making them nice on your eyes, reduce glare on water, and make a great gift.  Many local sporting goods stores have them for you to try on.  

8) Thorne Bros. Custom Rod 

This item can be great for the fisherman on your list.  If you are stumped and don't know what to get them, go to Thorne Bros. in Blaine MN and speak with Lonnie.  He is the custom rod builder at Thorne and can create a gift like no other.  He does amazing ice rods and summer rods.  You can get custom lengths, custom colors, and even add a name on the rod for that special some one.  Trust me, this one won't disappoint.  Lonnie and the guys at Thorne can answer any questions and help you get to the end goal.

9) Grizzly Cooler or Grip Cup 

What man doesn't want to have the best cooler at the next tailgate event or camping trip?  If you want to impress anyone this Christmas, give the gift of a Grizzly Cooler or Cup.  The igloo cooler days are a thing of the past.  This is a better "mouse trap".  If you aren't in the market for a cooler, everyone needs a cocktail or new coffee cup in their stocking.  Worth giving them a good look.  Grizzly is a MADE IN THE USA cooler!

10) Rapala Lithium Ion Fillet Knife

After you catch fresh dinner everyone needs a way to fillet those fishy's up.  I have come to love my Rapala Lithium cordless knife.  It is great for fish, carving turkey, or any other food you may want to slice up.  I have cleaned hundreds of fish with mine and it just keeps going great.

11) Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin 

If you need to get your man/woman's fishing tackle organized you need the brand new Bass Mafia Terminal box.  This tackle box is great for organizing all those small terminal tackle items.  Has compartments for each thing you want to store.  This is a brand new item from Bass Mafia and it is a home run.  

12) Havalon Piranta Knife 

For the man always looking for a knife.  This is a great knife for gutting or skinning any animal. It offers interchangeable blades for when it gets dull, comes with spare blades and you can buy more.  They also offer a great fillet knife if you aren't the electric knife kind of person.  

13) Covert Blackhawk Wireless Trail Cam

Not a day went by this fall without someone asking me about the trail cam's I run on our farms to watch the critters.  I personally have been running these Covert wireless cam's for 3 seasons now and have fallen in love with the fact that the pics are all sent real time straight to my phone.  No more going in the woods when I have a chance to pull SD cards and spook the deer.  Now all pics just come straight to my phone via a covert app.  It does need a monthly service but it is very affordable, never more then $19.99 a month.  They also make great cameras for keeping an eye on anything or any property you may want.  Great security option.  

13.1) FXR Snowmobile Gear 

For the one who maybe doesn't partake in any of the above activites but loves to ride snowmobiles, four wheelers, dirt bikes, or just needs a helmet to get around in life.  ;)  FXR has you covered literally head to toe.  They have great helmet options for all age riders and more gear options then one can imagine.  They have done a great job keeping up with colors and new styles.  Worth checking out for that "rider" in your life.  


Wapiti Tacos

Chasing mature bugling bulls in September is something I will cherish and strive for as long as I have a heartbeat. On this particular outing, Ben Brettingen of Primos takes a very nice herd bull with his bow. This was Ben's first ever elk hunt and I was the guy behind the camera which made for some interesting moments. A trip I won't soon forget.

Lost Days

As I sit here and write this, I realize life really does go to fast and so often I wonder where the days have gone.  I also have this feeling like I need to slow down, and make sure I am not letting myself forget what truly is important.  

I "smelled the roses" for the past week in NM on an archery elk hunt. It made me feel small, very small.  It made me have feelings that I can't explain.  It was an adventure that changed me and forever will be embeded in me.  

There are exactly 117 days between June 2nd(my last post) and today.....  Where have 117 days been lost?  Or have they really been lost at all, rather I was doing what I was meant to do and put here on earth to do for 117 days...  I used to pride myself on being an early pioneer of blogs and doing my best to keep up with it and updating people with informative fishing reports.  

117 days is a far cry from keeping up.  I am not sure I know any longer what keeping up means.  Finding the time in this thing we call life to share stories and fishing reports seems to have fallen into an abyss.  I can honestly tell you it isn't becasue I don't care, I do care and it is in my DNA.  It simply is that my adventures and this thing called life has me living it rather then telling it.   

I am not going to forget how I got to the party.  Each and every client, reader, follower, fan, sponsor, supporter, and friend has helped bring me to the party; and for that I thank you.  I feel a sense of debt to each one of you.  

I can tell you it has been a crazy 117 days as I look back on it.  I plan to continue to touch many folks with fishing and hunting, and if you have ever thought about taking an adventure that may take you out of your comfort zone, know that everything will work out.  No need to worry, step out and try, it's the only life we get. 


Healthy Diet 

When they look like football's, they are having no issues with a "healthy diet"!  The smallmouth fishing has continued to be great here in MN.  As you can see the strike king tube baits have been a bait of choice and do an awesome job of intimidating a crawfish.  The crawfish is one of a smallmouth's favorite forage in any lake.  

The walleye also seem to take to the tube baits as well.  Lake Mille Lacs continues to be good fishing with #s and some size.  For those looking for crappies, on many lakes they have also been up shallow spawning and been pretty easy to see anc catch with a good pair of polarized sunglasses.