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I was on Waconia today practicing

I was on Waconia today practicing for tomorrow's bass tourney. I tried all my best shallow water with no success. I tried deep, still nothing going. Finally I found a few bass on the inside weed line. I caught about 8 fish, all between 2 and 3 pounds. The bait that seemed to be working the best was a Lucky Craft rattle trap-looking thing. Doesn't look too promising for tomorrow's tourney.


Waconia has been producing a lot of walleyes

Waconia has been producing a lot of walleyes, but not much for size. The bass are done spawning and all the shallows are ruined and stirred up by carp. Carp are everywhere shallow.


Went to Black Duck to fish Upper Red

Went to Black Duck to fish Upper Red for spring crappies. I also wanted to fish walleyes on Cass. I was not able to do either. The wind and rain was severe all weekend.


Fished in the metro for opener

Fished in the metro for opener and didn't have too bad of luck. We had seven walleyes on Saturday morning. Last night Nick Geller and I caught four more. Now tonight Brad Grams and I had some real dandies. We had two over 23" and a five others.

Brad and I fished a few different patterns with most of our fish coming on shallow rocks with crankbaits. We caught a few on a bobber and leech and a jig and minnow. We fished just outside the milfoil today, 13-15 ft of water and caught a few. At sunset we worked the shallow rocks with cranks. I will try and get some pics up ASAP. Nice healthy looking fish. Good Luck!