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Alright, alright I will update my fishing report

Alright, alright I will update my fishing report. Sorry to all who check it often I have not taken enough time away from fishing to update. Well here we go...Was out this morning on Waconia and had some good success. Hit the water at 15 minutes after 5 this morning. The weather is hopefully going to stabilize and bring with it better fishing. The walleyes bit very well on the outside weed line with a jig and a minnow. I also caught 20 bass with the biggest being about 4 pounds. Early this morning I was able to catch a few bass shallow if I fished a Senko really slow. It had to be dead sticked for at least 30 seconds. I also caught a few bass on the outside weed line. Hope that this helps and I will try and keep it updated. Thanks, Matt Peters


The tournament today

The tournament today went just how I was afraid it was going to go. I ended the day with a limit, but it was a small limit. The bass are NOT shallow. They are very hesitant to bite. The biggest fish I landed was 2 1/2 pounds, which is pathetic for myself on home waters. There were a few nice ones brought in, with numerous fish over 5 pounds weighed, with the big bass going to almost a 6 1/2 pound fish. I am hoping to figure out the rising water this week. The water has come up almost 2 feet since spring. My usual bass patterns are not working at all.


I was on Waconia today practicing

I was on Waconia today practicing for tomorrow's bass tourney. I tried all my best shallow water with no success. I tried deep, still nothing going. Finally I found a few bass on the inside weed line. I caught about 8 fish, all between 2 and 3 pounds. The bait that seemed to be working the best was a Lucky Craft rattle trap-looking thing. Doesn't look too promising for tomorrow's tourney.


Waconia has been producing a lot of walleyes

Waconia has been producing a lot of walleyes, but not much for size. The bass are done spawning and all the shallows are ruined and stirred up by carp. Carp are everywhere shallow.