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Fished Waconia with Can Man

Fished Waconia with Can Man and caught 125 crappies. Can Man out-fished me and also caught 12 Largemouth Bass. We fished by the park again in Waconia from 4 until 8 p.m. The crappies were a little harder to find then they had been. Once you find them in about three feet of water anchor up and start catching. We were using 1/16 oz. flu flu jigs in white/purple under a bobber with no bait. Good Luck and Good Fishing.


I fished Waconia with Joni today

I fished Waconia with Joni today from 6-7:30 in the evening. We caught 60 crappies (she said 50, but I think 60), 15 bluegills, and 10 bass all in less than 3 feet of water by the park in Waconia Bay. Water temps were in the 50's. The water was very stained and murky from the big storm last night. Eight other boats were fishing around us, and everyone was catching fish. The In Towne Marina has bait and an open boat ramp.

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