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Last night's beauties!

P1010227 2.JPGAll it took was a change in weather and Waconia decided to cough up some real nice walleye last night.  From 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. (when I ran out of bait) I caught eight walleye.  It felt like every fifteen minutes - and there were some real nice ones in the bunch.  I released a 14", 15", 15 1/2", 24", 26" (pictured below), 26 3/4", and a 27" (pictured left).  Had numerous other nice fish on and was not able to land them all.   



P1010246 2.JPGIf you are looking to get in on some of this action feel free to call and set up your own personal guide trip today.  The ice conditions are improving and should allow for P1010224.JPGmore good nights of action. 

I kept a couple for the frying pan - only a 19" and a 21".  What a night!  This one will be remembered forever as one of my best nights of walleye fishing.   



This ice stinks...

sinking_house_a.jpgA not so good time was had last night on Waconia.  As you can see the ice conditions were a little suspect.  My brother from Switzerland and his two kids got to experience a rough evening on Lake Waconia.  The fishing was no better then the ice conditions.  We ended up with one lousy perch.  I would proceed with caution on all lakes at this point. 

Thanks to the help of Travis Frank  and Dusty Gesinger we were able to get it out of Lake Waconia. 



Ventured out on Waconia tonight for the evening bite.  Ice conditions are good with about 4 inches being the least that I found.  Was able to get around everywhere  with the four wheeler.  When it came to catching fish tonight was not the night. 

I fished in 16 ft of water and had a tip-up in about 19 ft and only caught one walleye and one real nice 3lb largemouth bass.  It's not to often that I catch bass during the winter months so it was  a nice surprise.  

Going to try and get to my a few of my spots on Minnetonka this week but as of today it was still a little suspect.  Look forward to the next few weeks of early ice Tonka bite - and if this fall is any indication of how it is going to be this winter, we are in for a great winter of ice fishing. 

Wing nut low 05I also have to add that Wing Nut was able to catch a few nice ones on the Lake of the woods trip also.  This is one he caught while brushing his teeth.  (22 inches)


Lake Of The Woods

dec 05 lowBack from my first ice fishing adventure of the year.  I spent the last six days on Lake of the Woods with Mike, a.k.a. Wing Nut, and had varied success.  The first few days produced some numbers of fish with the final two days being very tough.  We had about 14" of ice in the gap out from Morris Point.  Fished in about 19 feet of water most of the time we were there, but when the fishing got tough we tried shallower and  deeper with neither producing results for us.

 The only real high note of the trip was on Monday, December 5th when I was fortunate enough to catch a 9 lb walleye.