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One last trip to Red Lake

One last trip to Red Lake proved to be a good one. Between four of us we caught 47 crappies all over a pound in less than 20 minutes. However, we did have a few scary moments involving bad ice and a 7x14 fishhouse. All in all, it was a success.

I arrived home on Friday to open water in the Twin Cities. Waconia and many other lakes are open, and are starting to see some spring crappie action. With summer fast approaching make your plans and book now for a walleye, bass, or muskie outing on your favorite metro lake. My new Z20 Miller High Life Ranger boat will be here soon, and is sure to be one-of-a-kind to ride and fish in. I will be posting my summer schedule soon. You will have to make a point to come to one of my events or seminars just to check this boat out - it is going to be that cool! For now the crappie bite is on.


Upper Red Lake

Upper Red Lake is still producing some real dandy crappies for us the last few weeks. We have been fishing primarily out of Hillmans. Our fish have been coming on red buckshot spoons and shrimpos, both of which we are baiting with a full crappie minnow.

Two weekends ago our group finished with over 180 crappies for the trip and we ate fish 'til we were stuffed, didn't we fellas (Jim, Wayne, Bill, and of course, Gary)? All went well and I hope to be back up the first two weekends in April. mdistpfs8jennifer_pMy Picturesnichols2.gif

The ice conditions are great, and so is the fishing in April. If anyone is looking for that trip of a life time please call or write. If you want to come up or need a place to stay, we can offer you both a guide and also a place to stay right on the shores of Red Lake. We have extra houses on shore that we can put guys in over night and all the equipment (four-wheelers, portables, and houses) that you will need for a successful trip.

Nice going on the fish catching up there, Matty Rauenhorst.


Fishing, fishing, and more fishing

mdistpfs8jennifer_pMy Picturesredlake1_022205.gifFishing, fishing, and more fishing - that is all that I have been doing. Yes, it is work, but I have to admit I love what I do. Sorry that I haven't taken the time out of my busy fishing schedule to update the fishing report. But for all you die hard readers, here is the latest news:

The metro lakes have been over crowded and tough when it comes to fishing. Waconia is still giving up a few nice crappies now and then. A majority of the crappies we have been catching out there have been 8-9" with you occasional 10+" mixed in.

redlake2_022205.gifUpper Red Lake: WOW, it has been great. I have been spending most of my time north and been doing very well. We were just there this weekend with four guys and caught over 90 crappies in three days. Average crappie there goes about 1 pound 5 ounces. If you are headed that way make sure to bring your auger extension, or you may be out borrowing one in a hurry. If you are looking to get one last ice fishing trip in this year, call or e-mail now because I am planning on making a few more trips to Red before the ice is gone. It is good right on through the first few weeks of April. Good Luck!

mdistpfs8jennifer_pMy Picturesredlake3_022205.gif


I just got back from a few days at Upper Red Lake

I just got back from a few days at Upper Red Lake over the weekend. The first two days were great with fish numbers over 40 each day, and a lot of fish over a pound and a half. The final day was tough, only catching three crappies. As soon as the wind started blowing the snow around, the fish shut off. Don't need an extension quite yet, but soon.

The local walleye bite is nonexistent. Waconia is still producing lots of small crappies, with a few nicer ones mixed in now and then. Minnetonka has been tough - just a few walleyes each night. I stay all night, but its nothing like it was around Christmas. We have some of the best ice we have seen in years - it seems to never end.  There are people driving everywhere, and in areas where they normally would never have ventured before. Hopefully the walleye fishing will pick up, otherwise I will just have to keep going to Upper Red Lake.

I want to say thank you to my sweet girlfriend Joni for being so understanding this winter.

If you have a fishing report of any advice you would like to give or receive, please e-mail it to me and I will put it up.

Good Luck,