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Red Lake Dandies

Picture 004.jpg Guided Travis Frank to a few Red Lake slabs this last week.

 Dan Precht and company came up for the weekend and arrived to temps in the -20 range.  Caught walleyes, perch, and crappies to make the time go by.  When the fish didn't want to cooperate we played cards or headed for west winds. 

The bite has continued to be slow.  With spring approaching the fishing should continue to get better.  March 10th weekend we are headed back and are hoping for some better success.  

Picture 00702.jpgJoe here was fishing with Shane Raveling and was able to land this 37-38" pike on a crappie line.  It was exciting watching him land this giant with some light line.  Great job Joe and congratulations on your catch.   


Fishing with T-Rig (.com)

Winter 05 06 009 2.jpgThese are a few of the dandies from tonight.  Sean, Travis, Joe, and myself spent the evening jerking a few of Bemidji areas finest BBJP's.  These perch were in the 13" range.  Make sure to check back tomorrow, it will bring more great stories and pictures of trophy bluegills and perch.     


All Hail Travis' BBJPs

Picture 003 2 2.jpg








T-Rig with some BBJP's from last night on Waconia.  Now those are what I call perch.  These fish were huge and they were just two of many that were caught by Trophy Encounters guide Travis Frank.   I look forward to getting in on some of this action maybe as early as tomorrow.  If you our anyone you know is looking to catch some jumbo perch or big panfish drop Travis an e-mail  (maybe not on Waconia). 


Recent Action

IMG_0361 2 2.JPGMatt Rauenhorst with a Red Lake slab from this past weekend. 

Back from 11 days at Upper Red Lake with a few fish stories to share. 

The action started off good with Dan Precht and his brother-in-law Keith catching their 20 before heading home.  On Monday the 6th Theo, Phil, and Jim arrived after fishing for two days they headed home with about 20-24 red lake slabs.  But then the bite started to slow and I mean sloooowwww. 

P2080272 2 2.JPGBill Miller and Steve Yetzer arrived late Tuesday and left out Thursday with a total catch of around 10.  I was able to catch enough to have one nice big fish fry why they were up.  At the same time they were up so was Mark Raveling and Gary Lake.  First evening they were able to put about 7 in the pail.  The second was only one and the third evening they got skunked.  

Bill, Steve, Mark , and Gary had all safely headed home.  Northern 2 2 2.jpgFriday brought new hope.  We moved some houses and we were excited about our new spot.  I had Matt Rauenhorst's group along with Theo and company back for the weekend.  Don't let me forget to mention Seth who I work with at Pro Fish was up for the better half of the week also.  Getting set-up on Friday I was feeling good about our chances.   Only a few hours into the BS'ing and I was able to leap over two men, one bucket, and who knows whatever else to dive and catch a rod going for the hole.  At the end of that rod (which wasn't my fishing rod) was a very nice Northern Pike.  After a long battle and a few near misses at landing it I was able to bring the beast up the hole.  Come the first evening we only caught a few fish between all of us  and we had lost the wind in our sails.  Not to be let down we headed for West Winds to take in the action.  A few cocktails, stories, and tongue lashings and we were heading back to the fish house for some Texas Hold'Em.  The boys proceeded to feel bad for me and let me win some of my gas money for the week.  Thanks fellas.  All in all it was a success.  The crappie fishing got to be a little tough but the walleyes, perch, and pike provided some excitement.  

Matt R's group finished their weekend with 10 slabs and felt pretty good about their efforts.  In the next few weeks we will be heading to Red again at least twice.  So if you are looking to get one last ice fishing trip in this winter drop me a line.  Until we have another adventure good luck and tight lines.