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Prospecting for Gold

It has been an amazing few weeks chasing gravel lizards with some moments and memories that will not be soon forgotten.  This prospecting put me in the biggest gold rush of my life.  Something about these massive creatures that drives me crazy.  They push me and my gear to the limits and these past few trips are no exception.  The cold, wind, and rough conditions make it that much more rewarding when you do have success. 

Over a few day period myself and Benji landed 13 fish over 27" with the biggest going 30" and weighing in at 11.9.  Hard to put into words when the best 5 for the day would have weighed over 51lbs total.  

When you look up giant gravel lizards this outing will top the list for many years to come.  All the hard work and dedication pays off at times, in a big way.  

Many people have asked what I was using when I caught all these big fish recently.  First let me tell you that all these fish came "jigging".  The bait of choice was a Clam Psycho Shad in gold shiner in a 3.8/55 size.  They usually would hit it and push slack in the line.  

Remember the tug is the drug, get out and stretch the string, Fish On!

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