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Why The Labels


All so often I am asked. "what do you fish for"?  My usual response is, "everything that swims"!  In recent years I have been "labeled" a "bass fisherman".  People see my boat, see my updates in the summer, and then see that I fish competitively for bass and they just assume I am a "bass fisherman"....  

Not so sure I am a fan of this "labeling" of fisherman or the label that people tend to associate with me.  Let's just clear the air since I think we all owe it to ourselves to stop the labeling.  I am a fisherman, as I have always said, "if it swims, I will try and catch it"!  Being a fisherman is what brings so many of us together, so let's not allow "labels" to come between us or tear us apart.  I would ask that we stop judging people for what they fish for, or how they fish, let's support one another.  

Yes, I fish for bass often in the summer, but I also fish for crappies, muskie, walleye, and other species.  I choose to compete in bass tournaments, because it gives me a place to test my skills against others that love the sport as much as I do. 

You might ask why I bring this up.  It is imperative to conservation as well as the future of our sport that we encourage people to be "fisherman" and not worry about how or what they fish for.  It looks to me that this "bass fisherman" has found his way around a gravel lizard or two.  If a guy says he is a "walleye" fisherman is that all he fishes for???   

Guys we are all fisherman, fish for whatever you want as often as you want.  Remember that the tug is the drug and not what is at the other end.  Let's stop the labeling and allow new comers and kids alike to feel invited in and not shunned from a group of fisherman for any reason.  Let's get more diverse and support one another to learn.  I challenge you to become more well rounded.  Understanding what walleyes eat, when they spawn, and where they live helps me be a better muskie, bass, and walleye fisherman; or vice versa.  It is part of having a complete understanding.  I spend many hours passing along lessons I have learned and information to help fisherman catch more fish of all species.  This website and blog is dedicated to those looking to be more successful with their time on the water.

On that note, I am hear to share and join forces with other fisherman, not be part of the labeling.  Until next time, Fish On!  

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