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Muskie Fever

Hit the waters of Lake Waconia yesterday morning with Jack and Wayne with one goal, catch a muskie!  We knew the forecast called for a day time high close to 90, so we figured our best chance at catching one would be early in the day.  

That is exactly what we did!  On the very first spot of the day Jack was able to hook up with this nice 44" Lake Waconia specimen.  After a few nice jumps and a great fight by Jack, he turned to me and said, "well that only took 20 minutes"!  We all smiled and laughed, and with a smile I told him back, "that makes up for the day's when we don't catch one after 8 hours of throwing".  After a quick photo and getting her back in the lake we were in search of a fish for Wayne.  Don't fool yourself, Jack was looking for fish #2, and he had a few chances at fish much larger than the one he had boated at the first spot. 

After a few more close encounters with what looked like "jaws" but no hook ups it was starting to become "feverishly" hot outside.  But the only fever these guys had was "muskie fever".  We stuck with the pattern but were not successful at getting Wayne his fish as well.  It goes without saying, but he was pretty excited for his long time friend Jack for boating his biggest fish to date.  Thanks again guys for a great morning and until next time, Fish On!  

The bite and the fish seem to very active at this time.  I will try and keep everyone up to date on happenings as we continnue into this great time of year, Muskie Fever!  

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