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Harvest Chronicles 

This is a new series of videos that I am excited to be apart of and help "co host". Thanks to good friends Ben and Pat we will be bringing you our entire 2014 fall one week at a time. This next week you will be able to watch our show from WI bow opener. After that there is no telling where we will be in search of the next harvest. Hint-Gonna look to whack a few ducks in the face for MN Opener.

Fishing against one legend and racing against another

Getting invited to fish the 3M invitational in Park Rapids MN is something I don't take for granted and am very honored to get invited and fish with/against these hall of famers.  This year was one of the most fun times I have had at an event, 3M folks are amazing hosts.  

I was able to finish one place a head of Jimmy Houston who is and always will be one of my fishing hero's.  I watched him all my life and have great respect for that this man has done for the sport.  Not very often I get ot say, "I beat Jimmy Houston", so I had to take a picture and share it with everyone.  I finished 7th in the event and Jimmy came in right behind me in 8th.  

We found our fish in weed beds and were able to fool most of them with a black and blue 1/2oz Strike King Hack Attack jig tipped with a Strike King Rage Menace Grub.   


The Leaves Are Starting to "Fall"

Today marks a big turn, the first day of fall! Summer seemed to last 4 days this year, but I am not gonna argue cause now archery season is open and we have been hard after them in WI.

Check out a great photo that made the Mathews FB page, taken by my buddy Ben. Since switching to a hand release I have fallen in love with my Stan shootoff release!


Kenora Bass International Shows Off

Spent the past week fishing an amazing fishery and event on Lake Of The Woods out of Kenora Ontario. Above is a video of the day 3 weigh in where they pull the top 10 boats through town and into the tent. It was a great experience and my partner and I ended up finishing in 8th place(out of 139) with a packed field of local stud sticks. Already planning and looking forward to next year. Will be posting more info and tournament wrap up in the next day or so. Will have info on how we caught our great bags of smallmouth each day on a lake the size of Texas. Until then, Fish On!