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Making It Happen

As many of you are aware I have spent the past 3 months "making it happen" on and off the water.  This time of year is full of fishing, events, seminars, appearances, and just down right "rise and grind".  

Whenever you see my blog has gone this long without an update you can guarantee that I have been burning the candle at both ends.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  These pics are a sample of some of the great smallmouth fishing we had this summer on Lake Mille Lacs.  It was fun for all ages.  

Although I have watched summer fly by once again, not even stopping to smell the roses, I still know by the amount of smiles and fish pics it was a successful summer.  

It consisted of fishing trips with many past friends, many new friends, all species, great adventures, lots of hook sets, and most importantly tons of smiles.  With the adventures came some remarkable catches.  I made sure to end every day with a laugh and smile; reminding myself never to take life to serious.  Over the past few months I have lost a few close friends to Cancer, although it has been tough to watch and go through it has kept me grounded and focused.  Watching them struggle was nothing we as humans can prepare for.  It left me wondering all so often why the good ones die young.  The vicious circle of life is coming for us all, and if we don't get up every day thankful to the lord for our blessings then why are we here.  

I will leave you with one thing, don't wait to do something in life, get up tomorrow and make it happen!  

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