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Lost Days

As I sit here and write this, I realize life really does go to fast and so often I wonder where the days have gone.  I also have this feeling like I need to slow down, and make sure I am not letting myself forget what truly is important.  

I "smelled the roses" for the past week in NM on an archery elk hunt. It made me feel small, very small.  It made me have feelings that I can't explain.  It was an adventure that changed me and forever will be embeded in me.  

There are exactly 117 days between June 2nd(my last post) and today.....  Where have 117 days been lost?  Or have they really been lost at all, rather I was doing what I was meant to do and put here on earth to do for 117 days...  I used to pride myself on being an early pioneer of blogs and doing my best to keep up with it and updating people with informative fishing reports.  

117 days is a far cry from keeping up.  I am not sure I know any longer what keeping up means.  Finding the time in this thing we call life to share stories and fishing reports seems to have fallen into an abyss.  I can honestly tell you it isn't becasue I don't care, I do care and it is in my DNA.  It simply is that my adventures and this thing called life has me living it rather then telling it.   

I am not going to forget how I got to the party.  Each and every client, reader, follower, fan, sponsor, supporter, and friend has helped bring me to the party; and for that I thank you.  I feel a sense of debt to each one of you.  

I can tell you it has been a crazy 117 days as I look back on it.  I plan to continue to touch many folks with fishing and hunting, and if you have ever thought about taking an adventure that may take you out of your comfort zone, know that everything will work out.  No need to worry, step out and try, it's the only life we get. 

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