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Not your Ordinary cooler

Summer has come and gone and we are well into fall and I can't tell you how valuable these coolers have been to our success.  

Let me break down for you a few reasons a Grizzly Cooler is a must and also my review now 6 months in to using them regularly.  

First let me start by saying they are made in the USA, in Iowa of all places!  The next thing I have found is that they are indestructible.  I can stand on them to bed fish, use them as a spare place to sit in the boat, and also stack things on them when traveling.  

Yes, they will keep ice for days in the summer.  If you are in and out of your cooler a lot in the summer it will have a negative impact on the ice.  That stems from the fact that you allow that warm air in and in theory lock it in when you close it.  Yes the ice and cold cooler compensates for that effect but like anything, if you expose it to warm air it will melt.  If you are a sceptic like me, you will think that coolers don't need to be $200-$400, well I can't tell you how wrong I was.  Once I started using it I saw the value instantly.  It allowed for much more then just putting food or drinks in.  The added seat, stool, stand on for bed fishing, and also bait well to name a few was a huge value.  

The Grizzly 20qt or 40qt make great bait wells for in a fish house and is invulable to me and many ice fisherman once they try it.  Shiners are expensive and if you don't have them in the winter you are fishing for second.  My Grizzly's allow me to take 10-12 dozen shiners with me on the road and not have to worry about them.  I do add an aeration kit to the cooler, which only takes 10 minutes, and all my bait make the trips around the state without problem.  

Now we are into the fall and the hunting season.  I have found that I can quarter an entire deer and pack it in the cooler keep it chilled until I return home to take care of it.  I can pack all the food I need to get to deer camp, duck camp, or anywhere else I may need and not have to stop for groceries.  When I put it in the truck I am able to stack stuff on top of it without it collapsing.  All these attributes are things I didn't realize I needed in a cooler until I had a cooler that did what it needed; and it was a Grizzly.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a cooler please give the great line of Grizzly's a look, they are available in lots of colors including multiple camo options for the sportsman in your family.   Until next time, Fish On and keep your bait alive and beer cold!  

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