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Being "Rude" Has A New Meaning

A sweatshirt hanging over the back of a bar stool at my house, to some that means nothing.  To me and many of us in the industry it is a brand and company known for building outstanding products-many related to the recreation business.  

No longer can I keep the hat on the fact that after only 2 years away I am back with Evinrude and very excited to be back.  I spent the past 2 years with Mercury and was very pleased with my results and the product they build.   

It was a very tough to decision a few years back when I decided to leave Evinrude after the better part of 8 years to switch to Mercury....  It was a decision I had to make in order to get a motor at that time that offered me a 5yr warranty(resale).  Evinrude used to not allow "pro's" to get any more then a 3yr warranty.  Mercury offered us a 5yr transferable warranty.  Times have changed and Evinrude is now able to offer a longer warranty and great service plan.    

Now 2 years later I am back to running Rude and going to be using the most quiet, most effecient motor on the plant.  I am excited to be back where I started and get to work with familiar names, faces, and products.  I have an opportunity with Evinrude to run what I feel is the best outboard motor on the market.  The Evinrude Etech 250 HO that I will be running on my new 2014 Ranger Z521C will not need any maintenance for the first 300 hrs.  It also has a self winterize mode along with low gas and oil consumption-all things that help make it the outboard motor choice of!  So it's "out with the old, and in with the new".  Time to get on the water and stretch the string, Fish On!

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