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Fishing, fishing, and more fishing

mdistpfs8jennifer_pMy Picturesredlake1_022205.gifFishing, fishing, and more fishing - that is all that I have been doing. Yes, it is work, but I have to admit I love what I do. Sorry that I haven't taken the time out of my busy fishing schedule to update the fishing report. But for all you die hard readers, here is the latest news:

The metro lakes have been over crowded and tough when it comes to fishing. Waconia is still giving up a few nice crappies now and then. A majority of the crappies we have been catching out there have been 8-9" with you occasional 10+" mixed in.

redlake2_022205.gifUpper Red Lake: WOW, it has been great. I have been spending most of my time north and been doing very well. We were just there this weekend with four guys and caught over 90 crappies in three days. Average crappie there goes about 1 pound 5 ounces. If you are headed that way make sure to bring your auger extension, or you may be out borrowing one in a hurry. If you are looking to get one last ice fishing trip in this year, call or e-mail now because I am planning on making a few more trips to Red before the ice is gone. It is good right on through the first few weeks of April. Good Luck!

mdistpfs8jennifer_pMy Picturesredlake3_022205.gif

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