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Hard Water Experience

Hit the first hard water a full week before thanksgiving! Ventures out onto Red Lake over a week ago and found 5" of good ice. I have heard since it is now at about 10".

The bite was decent, Tony and I picked up our limit of nice eaters and threw back a few. The best bite was in the morning and evening. We just fished 7 feet of water(first break) and caught most our fishing jigging with a minnow head. We also managed some fish on the "traps"!!

Will have much more to report everyday now! Fish on!


Ice Is Only A Day Away

With ice fishing, one of the "other" seasons, right around the corner it is time to get your portable Clam shelter ready. This new light stick from Clam is a great new option for light. This is an LED light stick and will provide you with clean safe light for many hours on a standard 12 volt vexilar style battery. This is one of many new accessories available from Clam.
Here is a simple video on how to install the light stick.


Mathews 2014

Mathews archery has unveiled their new bows for 2014 just last week, and they once again proved they will always deliver.  Mathews is one of my great sponors for many of the video and hunting adventures that I par take in.  If you are looking for a new bow or looking to get into archery please take the time to check out the Mathews line of bows at your local pro shop.  Not only do they build an incredible bow, they do a lot for our industry and give a lot back. Below is all the specs and info on the 2 new models for 2014.  I can't wait to get to shooting both these bows.  The 2013 Chill has exceeded my expectations all year and been clutch all fall.  

Press Release,


Sparta, Wisconsin--- November 4, 2013

Creed XS

New for 2014, the Mathews® Creed XS features a compact profile with the forgiveness and accuracy serious bowhunters demand. Powered by the industry leading SimPlexTM Single Cam Technology, the Creed XSTM not only has a super smooth draw cycle, but provides tack driving accuracy and a rock solid back-wall for shot-to-shot consistency. Engineered with Mathews® dependability, the Creed XSTM is smoother, lighter and even quieter than its predecessor. Learn more at and shoot the New, Creed XS today at your Authorized Mathews® Retailer.



The Monster® Chill R is the latest offering in the dynamic McPherson Series® bows from

Mathews®. Centered on the AVS® DYADTM cam system, the Chill RTM offers the smoothest

speed in all of archery. With Dual Perimeter Weighted® Cams you’ll experience minimal post shot vibration at blazing speeds, all in a lightweight, compact package. Learn more at and shoot the New, Chill RTM today at your Authorized Mathews® Retailer.




Good Break

Long over due but better late than never...isn't that what they say?!

During the recent MEA school break Keegan and his father opted to join me for some Muskie chasing. This was actually a birthday present from Keegan's parents back in Aug. We opted to fill that present when he was on school break.

Quick back ground. Keegan has fishing in his blood(similar to someone else I knew at that age), so I could relate to this young man and his passion for the sport. When most kids are asking for iPhones or video games for a b day present, Keegan asked for a guide trip for his favorite fish-the Muskie!

We opted for a fall October day knowing the fish should be most active. On only our 3rd spot of the morning we moved a couple nice fish. The one fish was very aggressive and there for I figured it would bit if we come from a different angle....that it did. 3 casts after looping around to give this big girl a different look and she took the bait.

On the end was Keegan's 2nd ever Muskie and biggest to date-51" of pure muscle and power. After a nice battle we got the fish landed, measured, and a couple quick photos before getting her back in the lake to fight another day.

As you can clearly tell the smile says it all! Congrats on a great fish Keegan and best of luck to you spending many days chasing your "addiction"! You deserved this one. Until next time, Fish On!